Why do Crafters For Life?

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The team that started it all

Everyone wants and needs to be involved in something meaningful.  From school work to career, it has to be meaningful.  The teachers, Cemantha (far left) and Joanne (far right) who started having the students make products as part of a classroom skills program recognized this need.  Jack (center left) and Dylan (center right) were lucky enough to be involved in this skills program from the start.  Jack's and Dylan's parents worked with these teachers to take the classroom skills program beyond the high school years by way of starting the company named after the high school skills program - Crafters For Life.  Jack aged out of high school in spring of 2016.  Dylan will age out in the spring of 2019.  The opportunities for something meaningful after aging out are scarce.  The opportunities for a meaningful paying job are almost none existent.  That is why we are doing Crafters For Life.  If you think that I am exaggerating, take the time to view this news segment by Kate Snow of NBC which aired in April of 2015 - right about when we started CFL.  Kate does an amazing job of explaining the 'Cliff' which Jack just faced and awaits Dylan. 

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